"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" -Albert Einstein

Change is inevitable, growth is optional

Beit Bracha is keeping up with the times. I have resigned my position at Thriving Life and am on my own again. In this capacity I am able to be available to my clients on a more flexible basis and offer a wider range of options in the healing realm.

If you would like to book a massage or healing session with me, please call 650/704-9803 or book online by clicking the icon above. My days of availability are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I will be offering sessions in sound healing, Reiki and massage.

As many of you know I am passionate about health and helping others to acheive better health. I do this through Project 10. Project 10 lets you either lose 10 pounds of fat or gain 10 pounds of lean muscle and when you do, an obese child is sponsered for 30 days with nutritional meals. Let me help you make a positive impact on children's lives. check out my personal website at: http://sherriodelson.bodybyvi.com

If you are interested in recceiving your first level attunement in Reiki or would like to discuss the opportunities, please contact me directly.

In peace,


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