Valentine's Day is done, March Madness is on the way.

For those of you that already know me, you know that empowerment is key to all that I do. I don't consider myself the healer, only the conduit to help you heal yourself. Let me teach you the tools you need to know you have all you need and are all you need to be.

I now have ongoing meetups, Monday morning, start the day/week with a beautiful sound, drumming circle. Join me and others at Murphy Park (corner of California and Sunnyvale Rd).

I don't know your life, what I do know is I can't control what happens in the middle of the day, other people make choices and I need to be flexible in my life to accommodate those changes. What I do control is how I start my day and finish it. I choose to start my day by choice, making music, moving my body and good nutrition.

After a short break from the drumming we begin a style of dancing called DYBO, it stands for Dance Your Buts Off, (not the ones you sit on, the ones you live in).

Each of these sessions are 45 minutes. There is no cost for the drumming circle, donations are accepted to cover the cost of the shakes and goodies. For DYBO, the first session is free, after that there is a cost of $10.00.

Thursday evenings, to continue with our New Year Resolutions of movement and weight loss/muscle building, the Sunnyvale Walkers meet at 5:15. Let's walk for 30-45 minutes. We meet at Murphy Park. As the days are getting longer it is a lovely walk in a friendly park.

As always, for new clients, the first session is only $49.00, (regular price is $110.00).

I look forward to having fun with you, drumming, dancing, and staying fit.

Let me know how I can best serve you.

Be well,


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